Western New York Urban Line Dancing
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What Is Urban Line Dancing?

      Urban line dancing, also referred to as soul line dancing or R&B line dancing, is dancing primarily to rhythm and blues and similar forms of music.  It can be slow or fast, simple or complicated, and it should always be fun.  An early example of uban line dancing is "The Electric Slide" which is still danced at special events around the globe. Urban line dancers tend to be African-American but not exclusively.  You can save money by not purchasing western wear, cowboy hats, boots or similar items for urban line dancing events.

Our Geographic Area

     This site will focus primarily on urban line dancing in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester, New York.  However,  we will also include selected urban dancing events in the broader Western New York region, New York State and national events.

Ballroom, Swing, Salsa and Other Dances

     There is a growing interest in ballroom, swing, salsa and other dance styles in Western New York and elsewhere.  This site may also announce classes and events that relate to these dances.

Line Dance Instruction

For those who are interested, there are many opportunities to learn line dancing in Western New York.  Consult the schedule of classes to find the day and times that are best for you.  Instruction of line dancing is a challenging task requiring skill, patience, memory, patience, ease with technology, patience, an ability to communicate, and more patience.  We express our gratitude to our dedicated and hard-working line dance instructors.